Enjoy Lyon Luggage-Free

Enjoy Lyon Luggage-Free

Traveling light is everyone's wish, especially when exploring a new city. However, moving around with your luggage can be tiring and unpleasant. Thankfully, with services such as Lockairoom, you can now fully enjoy your day without being slowed down by your suitcases. In this article, we will see how to optimize your time in Lyon and organize your day without being weighed down by your luggage.

Plan Your Day

The first step is to plan your day according to the places you want to visit. Here are some must-see sites during your visit to Lyon:

👉 The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière: Located on a hill overlooking the city, it offers a breathtaking view of Lyon and is one of the city's symbols. 

👉 The Old Lyon area: This is the oldest district in the city, with its cobbled streets and historic buildings. Here, you can discover Saint-Jean Cathedral and stroll through the traboules, typical Lyon passageways. 

👉 The Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon: This museum, located in an old monastery, houses a vast collection of artwork, ranging from paintings to sculptures and decorative art objects.

👉 The Parc de la Tête d'Or: This large urban park offers a relaxing moment in the heart of the city. You will find gardens, children's attractions, a zoo, and a lake.

👉 Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse: Treat yourself to local products and culinary specialties from the region in this indoor market known for its quality and diversity of stalls.

The famous stairs in Croix Rousse

Once you have selected the points of interest, follow these steps to organize your day:

👉 Make a list of all the must-see attractions and activities.
👉 Arrange them by geographical proximity to avoid unnecessary back and forth.
👉 Allow for realistic travel time between each step to avoid stress.

Use a Luggage Storage Service like Lockairoom

Lockairoom greatly eases the management of your luggage during your day in the city.

👉 Locate the Lockairoom luggage storage points in the heart of Lyon. Book a locker online and safely drop off your luggage before starting your day of sightseeing.

👉 Once your luggage is dropped off, fully enjoy your visit without the weight of your suitcases. Explore at your own pace, without worrying about the safety of your personal belongings.

👉 At the end of your day, simply return to Lockairoom to pick up your luggage. Conveniently, the storage points are open from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week.

Lockairoom luggage storage in Place Meissonnier

BONUS: 6 Tips to Optimize Your Time in Lyon

To make the most of your day in Lyon, here are some additional tips:

-> Purchase the Lyon City Card, which will grant you access to numerous sites and monuments, as well as public transportation, in order to make your travels easier and save on entrance fees.

-> Participate in a guided walking or biking tour to discover the city quickly and informatively while getting some exercise.

-> Opt for visiting sites early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds and enjoy more pleasant weather and better visibility conditions.

-> Don't hesitate to use public transportation, such as the metro, trams, and buses, to move around the city quickly and easily without getting tired.

-> Prioritize accommodations in the city center. If you wish to rent an apartment close to all amenities and tourist attractions, our partner Hamac Suites can cater to your needs.

-> Stay informed on ongoing events and temporary exhibitions during your stay, so you can take advantage of all the cultural opportunities Lyon has to offer

Organizing a day in Lyon without being weighed down by your luggage is entirely feasible thanks to services like Lockairoom. By carefully planning your itinerary, using luggage storage facilities, and following our additional tips and tricks, you can fully enjoy your Lyon experience while remaining light and stress-free. So, get ready to discover the charms and riches of Lyon without being held back by the weight of your suitcases. Have a great trip!

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