Our story

A serial investor for the past ten years, Sébastien Garnier started out by renting out a few flats in his free time and ended up creating a concierge service.

Every day he tried to find a solution to the recurring questions of his passengers:
“Our train arrives at 9am, the check-in for the flat I booked is not until 4pm, what to do with my luggage?” or “My plane is at 9pm, I have to leave my AirBNB accommodation at 11am, what do I do with my luggage?

So he had the idea of creating automatic luggage lockers, Lockairoom was born.
After this first step, Sébastien Garnier reflected on the problems he had encountered when starting his business.

When he managed his own flats, he had to deal with the problems of handing over the keys and managing the laundry.
Indeed, his flat soon turned into a laundry because there were too few solutions: dry cleaners were expensive and industrial laundries were not interested because the volume was not sufficient. So he thought that many landlords who now manage one or more dwellings are facing the same problems.

The idea is to offer a self-service linen and towel hire service in the Lockairoom. This allows, at a very competitive price, to avoid single or multi-property guests having to buy their own linen, clean it, iron it and transport it to the rental location.


Our concept

By offering services to travellers and facilitating management for owners of seasonal accommodation, Lockairoom’s ambition is to be the meeting point between them, like a new generation hotel lobby.

Our values


You put your trust in us. We strive every day to return it to you. Your belongings are secure in our lockers, protected by unique codes that only you know, and by surveillance cameras. Each locker is individually insured.


Open-mindedness is an essential value in the eyes of Lockairoom. It allows us to listen to our clients in a friendly and non-judgmental way.


Lockairoom's offer, for travellers or owners, allows everyone a certain freedom. No more carrying the weight of your luggage, the chore of handing over the keys or the laundry. You free up your time to devote to your priorities. That's true freedom!

They trust us